Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 64.1

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Shao Qian saw that Yu Yang looked unhappy. He was about to turn around, but was quickly blocked by him. “You rest first.”

“What, youngster? Are you looking down on us?” Chang Ge coldly sneered. “Don’t think that just because a higher-up is watching over you that you don’t need to put us in your eyes. I’m telling you that even if I kill you, the higher-ups can’t do anything to me.”

Shao Qian lightly raised his eyebrow. “I’m really a bit worried when I hear you say that. But I am the kind of person who, the more I’m threatened, the more unwilling I am to do what you say.”

“You want to do things the hard way, right?” Chang Ge quickly moved behind Yu Yang. He was about to shove this person who didn’t mind his own business away, but before he could move, he felt a pain in his waist. Then his entire person was kicked away.

“Who wants to do things the hard way?” Yu Yang frowned as he looked at Chang Ge, who was sprawled on the ground and couldn’t get up. “I want to do things the hard way. How are you going to show me?”

Chang Ge was sprawled on the ground and couldn’t get up for a very long time. When the pain in his abdomen lessened a bit, he looked up at the person who spoke. This glance scared the soul out of his body.

“B……. Boss……” Chang Ge hurriedly climbed up and frantically stammered, “I….. I didn’t…… didn’t know……”

“What didn’t you know?” Yu Yang narrowed his eyes and coldly smiled. “Chang Ge, so much prestige you have.”

Chang Ge was just a little gang leader in this area. He shouldn’t have been able to meet Yu Yang. But his brother-in-law was a bodyguard for Yu Yang. He had once looked at his brother-in-law from far away. He saw Yu Yang get out of a luxury car with more than a dozen bodyguards. Chang Ge couldn’t stop the greed in his heart.

One day, would he be in the same position as Yu Yang? No, he would certainly be in a higher position than Yu Yang.

It could only be said that it was fine to overestimate one’s capabilities, but one had to recognize the current situation. Yu Yang could directly sit in his father’s position, so how could he be useless?

But there would be some people who thought that Yu Yang started out by relying on his father. Then when his father went to prison because of Hong Ge, he had the support of the gang so he could sit in the boss’ position. Chang Ge even felt that if he was in Yu Yang’s position, he would certainly do better than Yu Yang.

Yes, many people thought that Yu Yang’s father was in prison because of Hong Ge. In reality, Hong Ge was unable to speak of his suffering. Let’s not mention how he lost a batch of goods. But he was stared at by Yu Yang’s people who thought of how to get him alone before they bust his head open to take revenge for their boss.

The heavens knew how innocent Hong Ge was. But he didn’t have any evidence to prove that he did not frame Boss Yu. Even he didn’t know who could frame him so seamlessly.


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