Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 63.4

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“Aren’t you going to shake my hand?” Shao Qian stuck out his left hand and winked. “This is also a gesture of friendship.”

Yu Yang stared at the outstretched left hand in front of him. Those hands were really pretty indeed. The white palm had distinct joints. Although a man’s fingers weren’t supposed to be slender, but Yu Yang felt that the pair of hands in front of him was the most beautiful he had ever seen.

Shao Qian held out his hand for a while, but did not see him shaking it. So he waved his hand in front of him and his hand was caught.

Xu An’s maintenance on his hands were more careful than a woman. The skin was quite tender and delicate. Yu Yang caught the hand and couldn’t bear to let go. His two paws tightly clutched someone’s hand and wouldn’t let go. “Your hands look good.”

Shao Qian answered smoothly that Yu Yang looked good too. After he said that, he paused. He felt that he had a pattern of shooting his mouth off.

Yu Yang stood there, holding someone’s hand. He didn’t know what to say or do in this situation. He wanted to tear the “Thirty-Six Stratagems of Love” book apart in his heart. Nothing was correct in the first half. It said to “kabedon.” [When a man forces someone against the wall with one hand or leans against the wall and makes the sound of “don”, and this has become popular as a “clever move of confession (from Wikipedia)]. How was he to kabedon when there was no wall? He would find the author tomorrow. The book wasn’t written well. He would make him rewrite it.

“Damn, it’s right here.” As the two were looking at each other with “deep love,” discordant voices came.

Yu Yang’s heart secretly breathed a sigh of relief. No matter what this group of people was here to do, he must first thank them.

A man who was beaten with bruises over his face angrily glared at Shao Qian. “This bastard not only didn’t pay the protection fee, but he also hit our brothers. This is simply not putting Chang Ge [older brother, can be used to denote familiarity] in his eyes.”

The leader Chang Ge thought the man with his back towards them seemed familiar. But he didn’t pay too much attention to it. After all, there were lots of people with the same body shape.

“Youngster, who is covering this place? You dare to beat my brothers? Say, which hand do you want us to cut off?” Chang Ge coldly laughed. “Or do you not want both hands?”

Yu Yang really wanted to laugh in anger. Since he took over R City half a month ago, no one really dared to say such arrogant things in front of him. This man called Chang Ge really made him open his eyes.

But this was a good opportunity. He did not make it in time to save the person earlier and was disappointed. Now this group of things with no eyes came over again. This was a heaven-sent opportunity. If he didn’t properly grasp it, he would be letting himself down.


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