Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 63.3

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“I… I came late.” YuYang tried hard to calm his breathing. He just knew that when someone tried to make trouble for this person [Shao Qian], he didn’t come forward to help. He even thought after those people came here, he would appear at an opportune time so he could give this person a good impression.

As a result, man proposed but God disposed. At the last moment, he needed to take care of something important. By the time he was done, it was around 8:00 p.m. Xu An’s bar should have opened. The impatient man rushed his subordinates to drive here. He happened to encounter a road accident. The main road was closed. The other streets had traffic jams.

Sitting in the traffic jam for half an hour, Yu Yang grew more impatient. Looking at the long motorcade in front of him, he impulsively opened the door and alighted from the car. He ran in the bar’s direction.

So, there was the scene of him opening the bar door and breathing heavily. However, he still didn’t end up on time; for the opening of the bar or for someone finding fault with him.

“It doesn’t matter.” Shao Qian stared at him without blinking. “As long as you are here.”

As long as you came. No matter how late you are, just let me know. You could always find me. It was good like this.

Yu Yang walked to the front of Shao Qian with his right hand in his pocket. The corner of his mouth smiled. “My name is Yu Yang. I’m twenty-seven years old, single, and have no interests.”

Shao Qian was stunned by this sudden introduction. Why did he get a bad feeling? This world wouldn’t open up other strange interests?

“You haven’t introduced yourself.” Yu Yang felt his face was stiff. He tried so hard to smile. How come Xu An didn’t respond at all?

“Xu An, twenty-five years old, interests…” Shao Qian deliberately paused. He looked at the stiff-faced man who was determined to smile and laughed. “Men.”

That last word rippled. The voice that seemed to hold half a syllable in the mouth was very attractive. At least, Yu Yang felt that it tickled his ears listening to it.

Yu Yang’s ears turned a bit red. This person really was seductive. He really couldn’t let him be outside.


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