Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 63.2

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Lin Qing nodded. He thought that just setting one table in the bar was enough. No one else would be coming to drink anyway.

But his boss seemed to have offended a lot of people? Didn’t big brother find out in his investigation? Or maybe, he actually found out but didn’t plan to intervene?

Towards the current situation, Lin Qing was akin to not being able to rub a three-meter-high monk’s head: at a total loss. Although they were never able to guess big brother’s thoughts, but it seemed like he really wanted to support the person [Shao Qian]. But what was this situation where big brother was ignoring people bullying the person?

Lin Mu did not think as much as Lin Qing. He angrily found a mop and bucket to clean up. The first day of opening and someone smashed the place. It wasn’t good if this was spread out.

“You don’t have to clean anymore,” Shao Qian smilingly shook his head. “Take today off. Just come to work on time tomorrow.”

Lin Mu and Lin Qing looked at each other. How could they leave such a big mess here? If the boss cleaned up by himself, wouldn’t it take him half the night?

“Be obedient,” Shao Qian spoke in a gentle tone, but the Lin brothers could still see his persistence.

Lin Mu put the mop back in place. He reluctantly said, “Then, boss, you be careful.”

Shao Qian sent the Lin brothers away and closed the door. Looking at the ruins of the place, he sighed. The stuff he had been so busy with had all been broken. He felt a sense of loss.

As Shao Qian decided to clean up, the door of the bar was pushed open. The person seemed to have run over here. Shao Qian didn’t even turn his head and he already heard the man’s heavy breathing.

“Apologies, there was an accident today, so…” Shao Qian had not finished speaking the sentence “We’re not open for business,” when he turned to see a tall man standing in the doorway. The way the man looked at him was very familiar. So familiar that he had a desire to burst into tears.

At this moment, he even felt that no matter where he was, this person could always find him.


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