THE FOLLOWING NOVELS ARE DROPPED: [If anyone wants to pick up any of these projects, JUST LET ME KNOW!]

Acting Turns Into Reality: Love Was Always Here [假戏真做: 爱, 一直都在]: ON HIATUS

Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation [作者属于高危职业] [BL]

Cold Palace’s Abandoned Consort [一世傾城:冷宮棄妃]

Congratulations, Empress [王妃,王爷有喜了]

Distressed Young Woman Transmigrates: Wangfei Who Defies the Imperial Edict [囧囧少女穿越: 抗旨王妃]

Empress Running Away with the Ball [娘娘带球跑了!]

Every World Seems Not Quite Right [Quick Transmigration] 每个世界都不太对 [快穿] [BL]

Fortunate Pregnancy, Forced Marriage: Boss is Addicted to Pampering His Wife [幸孕逼婚: Boss 宠妻上瘾]

Genius Maiden Transmigrates: The Empress of Weapons [天才少女穿越: 枪火皇后]

Ordered to Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei [奉旨三嫁,赖上神秘王妃]

Rebirth of the Marquis’ Di Daughter [重生之高门嫡女]: ON HIATUS

The Evil Prince and His Precious Wife: The Sly Lady [Chapters 114 – 118]: PICKED UP BY ANOTHER GROUP

Young Master Jun’s 100 Techniques to Spoil His Wife [帝国第一宠:君少撩妻100式]: PICKED UP BY ANOTHER GROUP

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