Distressed Young Woman Transmigrates: Wangfei Who Defies the Imperial Edict Chapter 18 It’s Very Fun to Battle the Emperor [4]

Feng Luoxan looked at the depressed her. His purpose was achieved, but he wasn’t in a good mood. He didn’t know why his anger surged. He coldly mocked, “What kind of expression is that? You’re so reluctant to go to the Palace? What do you think the Palace is?”

In two years’ of interactions, he had seen her scoundrel-like, insidious, pure, heroic, and sycophantic expressions.  He didn’t remember this bleak expression like a wilted flower on her. It made him very displeased. Was staying by his side so unpleasant for her?

Xiao Yao looked at his cold expression. She was extremely displeased. The Emperor would change at the drop of a hat. He was more unpredictable than a woman’s menses. I have no human rights and can’t resist when you’re forcing me to go to the Palace. But I can’t even be unhappy?

Since I’ve met you, it’s like I’ve fallen into a huge trap. Being injured and tortured are commonplace. I almost lost my little life several times. Now you want to force me to go to the Palace. Do you think that I’m a wooden puppet? I have a temper too. If I don’t get angry, you’ll just continue pinching me like a soft persimmon. Xiao Yao was about to erupt.

She thought about how aggrieved she was. The anger Xiao Yao had been suppressing erupted. She extricated herself from his arms and stood in front of him. She angrily said, “Yes, I don’t want to. Do you care whether I’m happy or not? You pinch and rub me as you wish and force me to do what you want. And you still want me to be grateful? Don’t think……”

Cough!” Xiao Yuntian, who was behind the Emperor, heard his niece scold the Emperor. He lightly coughed and motioned her not to be rash.

Xiao Yao was about to cheerfully and excitedly scold the Emperor for being authoritarian and overbearing. She heard the cough and suddenly stopped. Her momentum was instantly half gone.

She reluctantly changed her tone. “Others are unhappy and pretend to be happy to try to please you. Do you think that this kind of whitewashed peace is true peace, imperial brother? In my opinion, this is just a cover-up……”

Cough……” Xiao Yuntian lightly coughed again and motioned her to stop.

I know. Don’t cough anymore, Bofu. Aren’t you just afraid that the Emperor will angrily rip off my head?

Xiao Yao was speechless. She was unafraid of anything, but it would be her sin if her family was blamed. But she was very unreconciled to admit defeat and let the Emperor swell with pride. She had to get back some momentum no matter what.


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