Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 662

It was a time bomb if Tianchen and Houjin had a feud. It could explode at any time. Not good.

“Exactly. If Tianchen and Houjin cannot unite, then Aoyun, Xuesheng, and Nansong wanting to unite……” Xuanyuan Che didn’t finish speaking before an insidious sneer appeared on his face.

“We cannot, so they cannot even more.” LiuYue slowly put down the wine cup in her hands. She looked at Xuanyuan Che and also slowly smiled.

Alliance? Sure. Let’s see if they could form an alliance first or if LiuYue and Xuanyuan Che could ruin it first.

“Tianchen just took over Chen Kingdom and divided up Zhao Kingdom. It needs to recuperate.” Xuanyuan Che looked at LiuYue. His hands played with LiuYue’s black hair as he slowly spoke.

She glanced at Xuanyuan Che. LiuYue raised her hands. “The Huns are facing Xianbei. Beimu is waiting to see what will happen. Beimu is idle right now.”

Two pairs of eyes looked at each other. Black looked at red.

Nothing but each others’ figures was imprinted in their eyes.

They smiled brightly and laughed.

“Okay. Let’s go together.” Xuanyuan Che lowly laughed.

“Nansong is so wealthy. My Beimu is lacking money.” LiuYue flipped her hand to hold Xuanyuan Che’s hand.

“My Tianchen also lacks money.” Xuanyuan Che and LiuYue looked at each other, while holding each others’ handed. They smiled like two foxes.

The night sky was vast. One big and one small fox was a pair.

Beimu and Nansong were on opposite sides of the world. They wouldn’t encounter each other in at least a few months.

But there were only fifteen days left until the Hundred Flowers Convention. With such a distance, LiuYue and Xuanyuan Che could only hope to fly there.

It was late when Beimu’s matters were all arranged. LiuYue and Xuanyuan Che were getting anxious. Even if they travelled 800 miles in half a day, they still couldn’t get there on time.

Just as they were about to get anxious, it was unclear how Ouyang Yufei heard that LiuYue was going to Nansong. He waved his fan and went over to them.

They only needed three days to travel from Beimu to the Houjin border by ship. Then they would go around Houjin and the already destroyed Zhao Kingdom, across Tianchen, make half a circle on the mainland, and finally go ashore at Nansong.


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