Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 635

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LiuYue turned around. She raised her eyebrows high and said to YanHu, “I’m in a good mood. You have an opinion?”

“No, this subordinate dares not.” YanHu’s face immediately turned serious and he loudly answered. But his smiling eyes betrayed him.

The Xuanyuan Che who was standing next to LiuYue couldn’t help but also laugh. He fixed LiuYue’s hair and pulled her into his arms.

LiuYue leaned on Xuanyuan Che’s chest and humphed at YanHu.

Her mood today was extremely good. She no longer minded YanHu’s disrespect.

During the cold humph, QiuHen quietly came forwards and kneeled in front of LiuYue. “This subordinate offended you sometime ago. Please forgive me.”

QiuHen did not mention LiuYue’s Wangfei status, but LiuYue and Xuanyuan Che understood clearly what QiuHen was seeking forgiveness for.

YanHu’s beaming face dimmed. He too went to kneel besides QiuHen. “Please punish us.”

They were steady and upright and their attitudes were grim.

LiuYue’s slightly pleased expression faded. She lightly smiled. Leaning into Xuanyuan Che’s bosom, she said to QiuHen and YanHu, “Forget it. You were thinking wholeheartedly for him. Ultimately, you were loyal. Even if there was some offense, that’s good.

In the future, just do that. Treating him well is treating me well.”

She remembered that at the Aoyun mountain pass, QiuHen and YanHu verbally abused her. According to her old temper, who knew how many people she would have killed?

However, they were thinking on behalf of Xuanyuan Che. That loyalty was very valulable. Forget it then. As long as it was for Xuanyuan Che, what would she be bothered about? It was a good thing to have such subordinates.

QiuHen and YanHu looked at each other. They said simultaneously, “Thanking Regent for not punishing.” It wasn’t good for them to call her “Wangfei,” with Beimu’s countrymen around. It was better to just address her as “Regent.”

Xuanyuan Che’s smile deepened. The hand that was holding onto LiuYue’s grabbed on tighter.


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