Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 634

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Xuanyuan Che also didn’t expect LiuYue to understand. He continued, “The meaning is very simple. Some people live a lifetime, but an old couple can be like strangers meeting for the first time.

“And on the day of marriage for some, once he lifted the bride’s bridal veil he would feel as if he had already met her intimately.

“Yue, it’s too difficult to find someone you mutually love, understand, and go through life and death with. We of royal descent especially have seen too many fake feelings and schemes. Our true feelings are very precious to me.

“Yue, I rather let go of fighting than have any chances for regret in this lifetime.”

The slightly smiling face was firm and decisive.

The warm but resolute words drifted in LiuYue’s ears and warmed her heart, increased her emotions, and amplified everything.

She didn’t say anything. LiuYue knew any words would be superfluous. Ignoring the pain from her hand, she clutched Xuanyuan Che’s hand. She revealed a blinding smile that could wipe the sun and moon away.

Xuanyuan Che flipped his hand to hold LiuYue’s hand tightly.

Hand in hand, walking down the road together in wind or rain.

The night was quiet. The mountain wind blew and the trees rustled, making the silence more profound.

Silver moonlight shone from the sky, making the mountains shiny and hazy. The beauty of the moon was proud and aloof.

In this cold and clear world, the two’s close shadows, without a word, had transcended the world.

The night soon passed and the sky was bright the next day.

The brilliant morning light shone on the horizon. The blinding golden light replaced the clear moonlight and shone over the mountains and rivers.

“The sunlight is really beautiful today.” With a hand shading her forehead, LiuYue looked at the strands of golden light from the treetops and praised.

“I think you’re in a good mood today, so everything looks beautiful.” A voice came from behind the two people.

QiuHen, YanHu, DuYi, and Tuobi Mu emerged from the forest. YanHu crossed his arms as he smiled at LiuYue.


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