Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 631 A Huge Discovery [1]

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A thin, shabby ancient book that looked like it had history lay quietly in her hands. LiuYue did not need to open it to know what was written inside.

She had seen such a book before in Tianchen’s Xuanyuan Yi’s hands. It was the ancient book that recorded the history of Dark Island.

“How did you…” LiuYue was shocked. How could Xuanyuan Che have such a book? She already took away Xuanyuan Yi’s. Then this one was?

Xuanyuan Che gently retrieved the old book back from LiuYue’s injured hand. He looked steadily at her and slowly said, “During the destruction of Tianchen, I found it in their secret library.”

LiuYue’s teeth unconsciously clenched and her eyes turned dark.

That was right. How could she forget? Tianchen had one. Aoyun had one. Then Chen, Zhao, and other empires should have one. Xuanyuan Che destroyed Tianchen, so he naturally…

She actually forgot.

Gently biting her lips, LiuYue looked up at the Xuanyuan Che who had been staring at her with all the complexities hidden in his dark eyes.

Xuanyuan Che gently stroked LiuYue’s cheek with traces of love in his eyes. He said softly, “Because of this, you don’t dare to come back with me.”

Because of this, you made me so angry at Aoyun mountain pass.

Because of this, you ran all the way here to take on all the burdens yourself.

These three “because” floated in the dark night, with a choked hoarse sound. The whole heart was sour.

“Che…” LiuYue felt his grief and deep guilt. Her heart was also in pain. She didn’t want Xuanyuan Che to be like this.

The hand that was gently caressing her cheek pressed against her lips and prevented her from speaking further.

“You idiot. You idiot.” He gritted his teeth to scold but his eyes were red. The words held love higher than a mountain.

She looked at Xuanyuan Che’s red eyes filled with love. How much love existed was how many feelings, doting, and self-blame there were in the eyes.


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