Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 630

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Her Xuanyuan Che. How could she put such a wholeheartedly-loving Xuanyuan Che into dangerous situations? How could she?

Hands gently touching Xuanyuan Che’s head, LiuYue slowly kissed those thin, red lips. Her lover.

It was a light and slow kiss. It was not a crazy kiss or a greedy, ruthless bite.

It was a soft kiss. A kiss filled with all the love, affection, and the unspoken words that were passed to each other.

Around them was a soundless silence.

The QiuHen and company with their backs to Xuanyuan Che and LiuYue silently glanced at each other. Their eyes flashed. They put out the lights in their hands and noiselessly retreated.

They left this area to the reunited long-time lovers.

The kiss ended. LiuYue looked deeply at Xuanyuan Che. She slowly reached out to push him and got ready to stand up.

Xuanyuan Che reached to grab LiuYue back. His sharp eyes stared into hers, as if wanting to see everything.

“You think I’m still going to let go?” The words spoken through gritted teeth made Xuanyuan Che look more serious.

After he spat blood at Aoyun mountain pass and rushed tens of thousands to Xianbei, it wasn’t for her to push him back again, for whatever reason.

“Che, believe me. I will handle it well. Give me more than a year’s time. We’ll pretend we don’t know each other. Or you could just pretend you hate me.” Facing Xuanyuan Che’s sharp eyes, LiuYue bit her lip.

“Hate you? Unless we completely break things off. Otherwise, don’t even think about it.” His dark red eyes were bitter.

“Che, you…” LiuYue was touched, but helpless. How could she do this? She was most unwilling to hurt Xuanyuan Che. But if he was like this, then the Dark Island…

“Are you avoiding me because of this?” Seeing LiuYue’s helplessness and impatience, Xuanyuan Che suddenly sighed. He took out something and put it in LiuYue’s hands.

LiuYue was stunned. This…


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