Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 629

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LiuYue looked up at the serious Xuanyuan Che. She slowly smiled. She didn’t say anything and only nodded.

Her Xuanyuan Che. What more could she ask for?

Her whole body was quickly smeared with medicinal ointment. Xuanyuan Che dressed LiuYue in his own clothes. Then his face suddenly sank.

LiuYue had been staring at Xuanyuan Che. They weren’t apart for long, but why did it feel like they were apart for so long? It was so long that she couldn’t stare at him enough and so long that she was reluctant to close her eyes. Therefore, she memorized Xuanyuan Che’s facial features at the fastest speed.

LiuYue’s eyes swept around and then she buried herself even further into Xuanyuan Che’s arms. With her arms around his neck, she said pitifully, “I understand. Don’t be mean to me. It hurts.”

Xuanyuan Che couldn’t help but look down at LiuYue.

The normally decisive, murderous, iron-blooded, and merciless LiuYue wouldn’t put this sort of injury in her eyes. What pain? She was just playing dumb with him.

However, he would not discourage a coquettish LiuYue.

He gently sighed and shook his head. Xuanyuan Che’s arms hugged LiuYue and he lightly kissed her face. He slowly said, “You know my heart pains. Yet you’re still acting.”

She knew he would be distressed. He rushed here from tens of thousands of miles away. He would go alone whether it was a dragon’s pool or a tiger’s den. He would fight a world war.

He once said that they would face their problems together. He wouldn’t put all the pressure onto LiuYue. He would rule this world with her together.

But this girl, this girl…

Ai! How could he let go of this kind of LiuYue? How could he not love and pamper her?

Night was around them but it could not cover up the strong emotions.

LiuYue stared at Xuanyuan Che without blinking. She looked closely at him. She hurt this man so much. She didn’t give him any explanation and only conveyed the words “believe me.” Yet, he still came from so far away, without holding a bit of grudge.

Without words, those love-filled and never-doubting eyes already explained everything.


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