Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 628

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Although LiuYue’s whole body was covered with red scars and torn skin, they really were just superficial wounds.

Xuanyuan Che unconsciously sighed in relief. Then he saw LiuYue’s wrists and his hands trembled.

A storm quickly gathered in the eyes that were staring at her wrists. His distress and panic tangled together. The heart that had been staring at his LiuYue panicked uncontrollably.

“It’s nothing, nothing big. Don’t…”

“It’s nothing big.” There was no crazy roar or violent shouting. It was a lowered whisper.

But it was a whisper filled with guilt, heartache, grief, and indignation. LiuYue wasn’t able to say anything anymore.

Xuanyuan Che gently lifted LiuYue’s wrists. He saw badly torn and raw flesh. The wounds were so deep they scraped the bones and the veins.

Gently. Xuanyuan Che’s hand gently touched her wrists, his hand constantly trembling.

How violent the struggle and how crazily frantic she must have been to create such injuries.

All of LuYue’s martial arts were concentrated on her hands. Without her hands, she was equivalent to being disabled.

Such deep wounds had penetrated to the bones and harmed the veins. If he was a step late and her veins were irreparably damaged, then LiuYue……

LiuYue felt Xuanyuan Che’s hand still trembling. She gently rested her head on his chest. She softly said, “It’s nothing. Even if something happens, there’s you from now on. There’s you……”

The few words were higher than a mountain and heavier than an ocean. It signified wholehearted faith and a lifetime of trust.

“Yes.” Xuanyuan Che looked down at the LiuYue smiling at him in his bosom. His eyes reddened and he nodded solemnly.

He quickly took out medicinal ointment and gently smeared some on LiuYue’s wounds.

The moon was bright and beautiful. The lights sparkled.

Everything was silent.

Xuanyuan Che suddenly broke the silence. He enunciated every word deeply, “You cannot give up your life. Do you understand? No matter the circumstances, your life is the most important. I can ignore anything else. I just care that you are alive. If you’re alive, I don’t care about the rest. Do you hear me?”


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