Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 627

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They were compatible and in sync.

Behind them, QiuHen also grabbed the reins thrown to him and flipped onto a horse’s back.

Flicking his reins once, Xuanyuan Che suddenly turned his head towards the direction of Xiongkuo Chief and the others. He shouted sternly, “Today’s revenge will be avenged by decimating Xianbei seventeen clans.”

“Giddyup.” Xuanyuan Che flicked the reins and he and his horse rushed forwards.

Behind him, tens of thousands of horses whinnied and crazily trampled over and destroyed everything.

In a moment, the Xianbei seventeen clans’ camp was devastated and everything was in complete disorder.

Xiongkuo Chief and the others were scrambling for their lives. They could only watch as Xuanyuan Che and company got on their horses and ride far away. They couldn’t even approach them.

They couldn’t help but spit blood and, at the same time, shuddered in fear.

After their initial agitation, the tens of thousands of horses slowly calmed down. They were Xianbei seventeen clans’ trained horses, after all. After a short manic period, they dispersed and returned to the stables.

The horse hooves quickly and violently rushed away. In an instant, they left behind only black shadows and a mess.

They hurriedly sprinted through the mountains and forests.

The horses fairly flew and ran through a few mountains. Putting everything behind him, Xuanyuan Che pulled on the reins and stopped the horse.

He flew off and quickly helped LiuYue down. “How is it? Can you still hang on?” He began to unwrap his outer coat that was covering LiuYue.

Next to them, DuYi, QiuHen, YanHu, Tuobi Mu, and others immediately turned around. They lit the fire tools in their hands to provide light for Xuanyuan Che.

“I will not die.” In Xuanyuan Che’s arms, LiuYue opened eyes that were brighter than the stars, looked at Xuanyuan Che, and lightly smiled.

Xuanyuan Che knew as long as it was not a life-or-death situation, LiuYue wouldn’t care. He did not listen to LiuYue and directly looked at LiuYue’s injuries.

It was a superficial wound. Just a superficial wound.


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