Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 626

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The horses were frightened by the fierce fire and its loud crackling sounds. They went mad, ripped off their ropes, and rushed out of the stables in all directions.

Tens of thousands of horses poured out. The momentum almost shook the heavens and earth.

“Oh, no, quickly run, quickly run…”

“Oh, God, run…!”

It was mass panic in an instant. All the Xianbei seventeen clansmen encircling Xuanyuan Che panicked. They didn’t care about the assassins and ran away in all directions.

Tens of thousands of horses rushed madly towards their direction. Even if their bones were made of steel and iron, they could not fight against such crazy trampling, not to mention they were made of flesh and blood.

In a moment, all the Xianbei seventeen clansmen were like headless houseflies in disarray.

“Don’t panic, kill the assassins. Don’t panic, kill the assassins…”

“Stop right there, you hear me…?”

“Damn it, kill the assassins first and then run…”

The Xianbei seventeen clans’ Chiefs rushed out the chaos. Their faces turned green. Their clansmen did not know who the assassins were or how important this was.

But they knew. If they let LiuYue escape tonight, one day, not just one or two of them, but all of the Xianbei seventeen clansmen would die without a burial place.

The hysterical commands had no effect. The deafening hoof sounds were coming closer and closer. The clansmen turned a deaf ear and fled faster.

But Xuanyuan Che not only did not avoid the horses, but instead went towards the direction of the mad horses.

Hooves echoed as if flying.

Tens of thousands of black horses in the dark night were like a dark cloud. From a distance, it was hurtling violently forwards, as fast as lightning.

Some figures led the way in front of the mass of crazy horses.

“Get on the horse.” YanHu, who madly rushed over, shouted loudly to Xuanyuan Che. He flung the reins in his hands to Xuanyuan Che.

With a leap and a mid-air turn, Xuanyuan Che grasped the reins and firmly sat atop the horse, holding LiuYue in his arms.


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