Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 625

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Torches quickly lit up. Xianbei seventeen clans’ clansmen rushed forwards holding swords.

“Catch the assassins. Don’t let them run. Catch, no, kill them on the spot. Kill them on the spot.” The closest Xiongkuo Chief had the fastest speed. Once he saw in dark night that the assassins emerged from the direction where LiuYue was being detained, his face suddenly changed and he shouted loudly.

LiuYue absolutely could not be allowed to leave or there would no end to the consequences.

Swords emitted cold air under the dim lights in the dark,

Figures swayed. The Xianbei seventeen clans’ residence was a mass of dense people. With minimal effort, the few acres of land turned into an impenetrable circle, in which not one drop of water could trickle through.

A sword moved and blood splattered everywhere.

LiuYue was wrapped in Xuanyuan Che’s arms. Her head was bowed and she was absorbed in his breathing. She didn’t pay any attention to the outside commotion. As long as Xuanyuan Che was there, her heart was settled and peaceful. As long as she was with Xuanyuan Che, even if the sky fell down, she would not be alone.

The encirclement seemed to be completed. Xianbei seventeen clans were counting on trapping a turtle in a jar. But loud crackling sounds came from their horse stables not far away.

Subsequently, a huge red fire emerged overwhelmingly from the stables. The dry provisions had caught on fire and instantly became a huge fire.

The crackling sounds in the fire were like explosive firecrackers.

The horses were frantic and chaotically neighed.

Every Xianbei seventeen clansmen was stunned. The stables housed tens of thousands of horses which they brought from their own territories.

This fire, this explosion. Oh, heavens.

“Quickly, quickly, the horses…” The clansmen returned to their senses. A number of people immediately rushed towards the direction of the stables.

Most of their lives were spent on horses. They knew all too well about horses’ natures. This explosion and fire would…

Before the figures even took a rushed step forwards, the crazy horses’ tremendous neighs pierced through the sky. The sounds of galloping iron horseshoe treads were earth-shattering.

10,000 horses crazily running held astonishing momentum.


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