Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 624

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How could Xuanyuan Che let his Yue suffer such insult and humiliation? It was not okay even if he didn’t succeed in the vile deed.

The soft sword lightly pierced Kuoba Chief and threw his body into the stove.

Dared to bully his wife? Xuanyuan Che wanted him to not even know how he died.

The blazing fire quickly burned the person. Xuanyuan Che hugged LiuYue tightly and strode outside the prison.

QiuHen was already waiting outside. He saw Xuanyuan Che carrying LiuYue out. His eyes sunk and he emitted a murderous air. Their Wangfei [princess consort] was actually tormented like this.

But he knew this was not the time to speak. He immediately turned and rushed out.

Along the way, countless guards had already fallen down. The three got out very quickly.

The light was faint and everywhere was dark. In the dark, the long passageway shone eerily.

Xuanyuan Che hugged LiuYue tightly as he flew like the wind. He walked out of the long passageway to be met with bright lights. The Great Chief brought along a few people to check things. The two sides met head-on.

The Great Chief narrowed his eyes and shouted, “Assassin! Assa…” The shocked roar was cut short by a silver flash. The Great Chief gurgled and blood splashed from his throat. Then he fell backwards.

The bright-red blood dripped from the soft sword in Xuanyuan Che’s hand onto the ground.

The silver flash was quick as lightning.

Xuanyuan Che and QiuHen rushed out at the same time. Lights from the sword flashed and the people who came with the Great Chief fell down without saying a word.

They were fast. But the Great Chief’s shout had already surprised everyone in this silent and still night.

In a moment, shadows stirred in the tents and rushed chaotically over.

“Assassin! Assassin…” A loud shout quickly spread in the quiet night in all directions.

The whole area where the Xianbei seventeen clans were woke up.

“Go.” Xuanyuan Che did not have even a trace of panic. He did not go where there were no people, but rushed instead towards the place with the biggest crowd.


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