Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 623

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The head that was buried tightly in Xuanyuan Che’s embrace slightly moved but was reluctant to lift up.

“Emperor, hurry.” At this time, QiuHen’s low voice came from outside.

Xuanyuan Che heard and hummed. With one arm around LiuYue, he waved the other arm holding a soft sword towards the iron chain that tied LiuYue.

 Like cutting through tofu, the chain instantly broke into two.

The sword quickly swept across LiuYue’s body. The whips that were tightly bound and piercing into LiuYue’s skin, fell in pieces to the ground.

They were stained with LiuYue’s blood.

After the whips fell and he saw the lines of bloody marks on LiuYue’s skin, Xuanyuan Che’s eyes turned red enough to kill someone.

But this was not the best time to dress LiuYue’s wounds or avenge her. They were still in the enemy’s nest.

Pulling his outer coat off, Xuanyuan Che quickly wrapped LiuYue within it. This covered LiuYue’s disheveled attire and her bloody body.

Holding LiuYue tightly to his body, Xuanyuan Che untied the cloth around LiuYue’s eyes. Her blood-stained face stared at his face. Xuanyuan Che’s heart ached until his breath was stifled.

His Yue. How could he put her in such a dangerous place? How could he let her be in such danger?

He bowed his head with red eyes. He gently kissed her swollen, red eyes. Xuanyuan Che smiled and softly said, “It’s alright now. Close your eyes. Leave the following things to me.”

Looked steadily at Xuanyuan Che, LiuYue also lightly smiled. She gently nodded. She was assured handing herself over to him.

She slowly closed her eyes and handed herself over to Xuanyuan Che.

His hands hugging LiuYue, Xuanyuan Che turned and walked out of the prison. He walked past the Kuoba Chief who was already pierced through with a sword.

Xuanyuan Che’s anger rose from chest. What an evil person. One sword strike to kill him was too cheap for him.

When he burst in from the outside and saw a situation like that, he could hardly wait to eat his flesh, tear his skin, and rip him into pieces.


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