Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 622

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The tip of her noise smelled a familiar scent. She felt that the chest was so gentle and strong. She felt the arms holding her were constantly trembling but hugged her even tighter.

It really hurt. The hug really hurt.

But it could make people be assured.

This chest? This person…

Her heart settled down.

LiuYue slowly closed her eyes and leaned against the solid chest.

“Don’t be scared, don’t be scared. I’m here, I’m here.” The trembling voice in her ear was so deep and powerful that it could help her block the heavens and earth.

Xuanyuan Che. Her Xuanyuan Che. Her Xuanyuan Che was here.

“I’m not scared, I’m not scared.” LiuYue repeatedly murmured these words. In Xuanyuan Che’s arms, her eyes suddenly became wet.

She really was not scared. But she didn’t know why, when faced with such humiliating danger, she could be calm.

But once she fell into Xuanyuan Che’s arms, she could not help her eyes reddening and be filled with grievances. She could not help it.

A stream of tears flowed down and moistened Xuanyuan Che’s lapel.

Her teeth bit deeply and fiercely into his shoulder.

“Don’t cry.” Xuanyuan Che tightly hugged the crying LiuYue. His heart shook. His LiuYue never cried. She was always the strongest. But today…

It was his fault. It was his fault.

Why did he not rush over immediately when he received LiuYue’s letter written in blood? Why did he return to Zhao Kingdom to lay down strategies during the most critical point in the war? He rushed throughout the night to be here.

If he was a step behind, if he did not find LiuYue in Sheng Jing and if he didn’t discover than Xianbei was strange, his LiuYue…he dared not think.

He bent down and constantly kissed LiuYue’s cheeks and neck. Xuanyuan Che was angry and distressed. He gnashed and gritted his teeth, “Don’t cry, I’m here. From now on, no one can hurt you. No one.”

The resolute and decisive words resounded in the torture chamber, so sonorous and powerful.

This was a promise.


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