Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 621

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Her legs were bound with whips and tied wide apart on sides of an iron pillar.

Her heart gloomily sunk. Was this person going to have his way?

No, no, she was Xuanyuan Che’s. She absolutely could not be touched be others. Absolutely could not.

Unable to keep quiet anymore, her body struggled violently. The whips that were tying LiuYue tightened even further on her body during her struggles.

Blood seeped out of her skin, making a bright-colored beauty.

“Gulu, gulu.” Saliva sounds were close and disgusting.

A smelly body quickly came close. Dirty hands greedily stroke the blood-spattered torn skin. A foul odor emerged between every breath.

“I would make certain not even the chickens and dogs are left undisturbed in the Kuoba Clan.” Gnashing her teeth, the skin on her lips was bitten raw and torn.

Her fists fiercely grew taut. But no matter how she stretched, her whole body was tied tightly. This Kuoba Chief really did not untie anything on her body.

“Let’s talk after I tasted you.” A body approached. The bear-like body pressed close to LiuYue.

LiuYue almost felt Kuoba Chief’s physical state.

For the first time, her heart panicked.

This was the first time she fell to a point outside of her control.

No. No. She didn’t want anyone to touch her. No.

“Che, Che, save me, save me!” Her teeth were biting down and her heart was distressed. Where was her Xuanyuan Che? Why didn’t he come to save her?

Red eyes and straight hair. Xuanyuan Che…

She powerless to reverse a desperate situation.

Lightning flashed at this point.

The door which had been closed was suddenly kicked open with a thud. A man rushed in like a gust of strong wind.

“Bang.” There was a loud noise. LiuYue felt a sudden heat on her face. She was pressed against a stiffened body. There was no more movement.


Before LiuYue returned to her senses, Kuoba Chief’s body was quickly pulled away. She fell into a warm embrace.

Someone hugged her tightly.


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