Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 620

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“Haha, this delicate and tender skin is really beautiful.” The obscenities were more brazen. The increasingly heavier breathing in this small chamber sounded harsh and disgusting.

Her nails dug deep into her flesh. Her whole body’s strength was gathered in her fists. They were clenched tightly, filled with tension.

The whip tightened into LiuYue’s skin, almost into the bone.

She did not want to care about the obscene words, lewd actions, and the increasingly diminishing clothes on her body. Her chastity in her eyes was not as important as her life.

As long as she was alive, everything was good. Without her life, there was nothing good. For those walking on the edge of life and death, nothing was cherished more than life.

When the man was immersed in pleasure on top of her, it was the best chance. The original her could have wait until that time to escape.

But now, the current her did not want others to touch her. She did not want. She was Xuanyuan Che’s. Even if her body carried poison and her partner would trigger it and subsequently die, she still did not want to be with anyone, anyone other than Xuanyuan Che.

Her teeth bit deeply and a rusty tang slowly spread in her mouth.

Her wrists kept struggling. The whip tightened down and the flesh on her wrists had been rubbed raw. The brown whip was stained with red blood.

Blood drops seeped slowly from the body that was tied and unable to move, leaving bloody scars.

The leather whip was slowly being pulled apart by the ruthless LiuYue and blood slowly seeped out through the leather.

“Bloody skin really is a breathtakingly beautiful.” Praise-like words sounded in the ear. Kuoba Chief greedily swallowed his saliva.

“Peng.” Iron chains being moved sounded. LiuYue felt that her legs, which were tightly tied together, were forcefully pulled apart.


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