Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 618

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If the Beimu Regent died within the Xianbei seventeen clans, needless to say, the consequences of that would be a ceaseless war.

However, if she died in the unregulated zone of Kuchi Mountain and her own Beimu comrades saw her leave, then it had nothing to do with Xianbei.

“It’s settled then. She will be burned and sacrificed to the fire god tomorrow.” Xiongkuo Chief was the first to leave.

Seeing LiuYue still unconscious, someone checked her restraints. Then the rest of the people also left.

The iron door closed, leaving silence behind.

Slowly opening her eyes, LiuYue’s eyes were absolutely cold. They wanted to burn her.

She exerted all her strength to move her hands and feet. The wet whip tightened around her, not leaving any room to maneuver.

Without all her equipment and weapons, she was just a woman and not a monster. In this situation, to break free was more difficult than ascending to heaven.

The more dangerous the situation, the calmer LiuYue was.

Judging from the situation and their words, they were going to take her outside tomorrow. This was the last and only chance to escape.

Ceasing her struggling, LiuYue ignored the drops of blood dripping down her wrists. She slowly closed her eyes, saving her strength. Tomorrow could only be a success and not a failure.

It was a suffocatingly quiet in the empty torture chamber.

Time passed second by second. She didn’t know how long went by. Or maybe time didn’t pass by long at all.

One person’s footsteps sounded in the tunnel outside. The LiuYue who had her eyes closed could hear very clearly. It was the footsteps of the Kuoba Chief, that obscene man.

She frowned and the iron door opened.

“Not enjoying the beauty and burning her would be such a pity.” These dirty and shameless words sounded in LiuYue’s ears. Her teeth instantly clenched.

Kuoba Chief shut the door. He darkly smiled and came over. “Beauty, don’t pretend to sleep. I will not untie anything. I know you’re powerful. I love women’s charms, but I am not willing to pay with my life.

“Thinking of the taste of Beimu Regent…I’ll play to my satisfaction today.” Kuoba Chief came close to LiuYue.


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