Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 617

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Her heart smiled bitterly and her mind quickly turned. She absolutely could not sit still and wait for death. But this time even she, a veteran in battle, couldn’t think of anything. Her fingertips couldn’t even move under the circumstances. What ideas could she come up with?

“I said it would be useful to keep her alive.” Broken voices came from outside the iron door, followed by a series of footsteps.

LiuYue suddenly closed her eyes, feigning unconsciousness.

The chamber door was opened and several people came in.

“No, this woman cannot stay. If she stays, she would run off one day and we would be ruined.” This was Xiongkuo Chief’s voice.

“En, I also mean that. Although the provisions are important, but lives are more important. Beimu has been powerful and now it has such a woman. After Beimu is peaceful, the spearhead wouldn’t be pointed at the Xiongnus, but to us Xianbei. This LiuYue cannot stay.” This was the Great Chief’s voice.

Pretending to be unconscious, LiuYue listened to these words. She did not know how long she had been unconscious. These people had gone from demanding provisions to demanding her life.

“It’s such a shame for such a beautiful girl to die.” She didn’t know who said this.

“Kuoba, don’t give up your life for sex. Give this woman a chance and she might be able to escape. If you want to take this risk, if there is a problem, I will destroy your Kuoba Clan,” Xiongkuo Chief said.

“Haha, to do that, I do not necessarily have to unlock everything on her.” The lewd laughter made one want to vomit.

“I say, sacrifice her tomorrow to the fire god,” Heli Chief said profoundly.

“En, this suggestion is not bad. We have to sacrifice to the fire god once every three years anyway. The sooner, the better lest unforeseen circumstances occur.” Xiongkuo Chief agreed.

“How are the people she brought with her?” LiuYue could not tell who among the Xianbei seventeen clan spoke.

“Rest assured. I have been secretly looking for a woman who looks like her. She and they went to the north side. If they died in Kuchi Mountain, it has nothing to do with us,” the Great Chief darkly sneered.


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