Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 616

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LiuYue woke up in an indescribable heat.

She opened her eyes and subconsciously tried to move her body. She couldn’t move, not even a finger.

Her consciousness slightly moved and she quickly recovered. She had long realized that she needed to cultivate this body’s resistance to poison. So although she was poisoned, she still woke up earlier than the average person.

She blinked and cleared the cobwebs from her mind. LiuYue first glanced around where she was.

It was a prison. A prison with a burning fire.

The prison was very small, only about ten square meters. Shackles, whips, barbed stings, and other malicious tools lined the walls.

Amid the ground’s chaos stood a tiger bench and a nail plank with dried blood on it.

In the corner, a large iron stove was burning. A burning red-hot branding iron was on top of it.

The dripping sounds of the molten iron in this quiet chamber made a person’s hair stand on end.

LiuYue quickly assessed the situation. Ouyang Yufei was not here, only her alone.

She frowned and then looked down at herself.

Not bad. Really not bad.

She was tied tightly to an iron pillar with a wet whip. Her hands and feet were tied with chains. Don’t even mentioning moving, but it was difficult to even breathe.

This binding technique was the most authentic. The more one moved, the more the whip soaked in water would shrink and the tighter it would be. Finally, it would pierce into the skin.

This method was very familiar to the LiuYue of that year.

Looking at the whip that was close to her skin, it seemed that being famous was not that good. There was no room for an opportunity to change the situation.

All the things she had on her body were taken away. This was the first time LiuYue had nothing to rely on.

She wrinkled her forehead. LiuYue did not know whether to laugh or cry.

In the wider world, there were bound to be people more talented than oneself. She thought she was invincible and peerless. The results were that one mountain was higher than another mountain. Today the ditch capsized. This was a shadowed defeat.


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