Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 615

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If Xianbei had no ability to win over her, they would not show their attitude so early on.

But she had to see what they were counting on.

“Really? Let’s see then.” LiuYue flicked her robes and slowly stood up.

Xiongkuo Chief and the others looked at LiuYue but did not get up to stop her. Not only her, but even the Ouyang Yufei behind her, had no opponent here.

“The feast…Regent, we…” From behind, Ouyang Yufei also stood up. He smiled and walked towards LiuYue. His words weren’t finished when Ouyang Yufei’s body slightly shook. He took a staggered step backwards and his facial expression changed.

He grabbed the table next to him. Ouyang Yufei was calm even when the sky falls down. But his face changed for the first time.

His anxious voice told LiuYue, “There’s poison, quickly…” The “leave” word had not been spoken when Ouyang Yufei’s body shook again. His face turned pale white, then bloody red. His body slowly slid and crumpled down towards ground.

LiuYue watched this expressionlessly and her pupils suddenly shrunk.

What kind of person was Ouyang Yufei? He was a master of poison from the Dark Island. Powerful poisons were ordinary to him. But he actually did not notice it today. This…

Her eyes flashed. But before she could do anything, her mind became instantly confused. She couldn’t gather any strength in her body as if her whole body was deprived of power.

With her last consciousness, LiuYue realized there must be a problem with that bowl of wine.

A bowl of wine, that both she and Ouyang Yufei, two masters of poison in two different times, did not find a problem with.

A lifetime of being powerful. Today was a shadowed defeat.

The sky was still blue. White clouds were floating in the sky.

On the grassland, the General Assembly was like a raging fire in its liveliness.

The mighty Xianbei seventeen clans Chiefs on the high platform smiled savagely in the cold wind of early spring.  


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