Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 614

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Looking at Xiongkuo Chief, LiuYue smiled, “My Beimu has a lot of provisions, but the Chiefs are also aware that we rely on this grassland to eat. A good harvest today does not mean there will be enough to eat next year. Currently, Beimu can still take care of itself.

“However, since Xiongkuo Chief asked, we Beimu would not see death but do not help. Sending grains to Xianbei from Benwang’s own stores is no problem.”

“Haha. Regent is straightforward, but do not know how much to give?” Xiongkuo Chief loudly laughed, more and more fearless.

LiuYue faintly smiled, “However much can save.”

Three Great Chiefs looked at LiYue, “Beimu Regent, we Xianbei gave you face. Do you really think we Xianbei are afraid of you?”

“How can you say, Three Great Chiefs? Xianbei and Beimu are brothers. There’s no question of who is afraid of whom,” LiuYue smiled leisurely but her heart was alert. This shed all pretense of cordiality.

The implication was Xianbei was not afraid of Beimu, but was Beimu afraid of Xianbei?

The atmosphere was a bit stiff.

“So Regent is not giving?” Xiongkuo Chief heartily laughed, eyes staring closely at LiuYue.

They were not covering it up anymore.

LiuYue’s hands crossed over her chest. Since all pretenses were shed, what was she pretending for. She looked at Xiongkuo Chief and faintly said, “If Benwang does not give, what is Xianbei seventeen clans prepared to do?”

The seventeen Chiefs looked at each other and suddenly burst out laughing, looking fierce.

“Beimu Regent, we know you’re fearsome. You easily captured Xiongnu Emperor among 10,000 troops.

“Since you dared to come to us, you must think we can’t do anything to you so you swaggered along. But we Xianbei dared to invite you, we naturally would not be as useless as the Xiongnus,” Heli Chief laughed evilly at LiuYue.

LiuYue’s face did not move and smiled coldly.


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