Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 613

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The other Clan Chiefs behind him also urged him to speak.

Xiongkuo Chief coughed once and looked at LiuYue.

LiuYue leisurely leaned back on the chair. But her eyes deepened. They revealed their motive at the beginning of the General Assembly. If they didn’t have a complete grasp on the situation, how would they dare be so direct? Did she inadvertently fall into a trap already?

But she had a faint smile on her face as she looked at Xiongkuo Chief, “What does Xianbei seventeen clans want to say to Benwang?”

Xiongkuo Chief put down the wine bowl in his hands. He looked at an unyielding LiuYue and said loudly, “In fact, there’s not a big thing. But it’s heard that Beimu Regent obtained much provisions, gold, and cloth.

“Beimu also can use for a long time. Can Regent send us the extra food and supplies to alleviate Xianbei seventeen clans’ pressing danger?

“Or help us Xianbei obtain some too? We will always remember Regent’s great grace.”

The platform instantly fell into silence. Xianbei seventeen clans’ Chiefs all looked at LiuYue.

LiuYue was motionless but coldly sneered inside.

So they were jealous of Beimu’s provisions and wealth. They wanted to take advantage of her.

No wonder the Xianbei seventeen clans who were never united were united today just to invite her. It seemed it wasn’t that Xianbei seventeen clans had previous plans to unite.

But it was temporary compromise of unity in the face of huge profits. They wanted to make a fortune off her. They knew that a single clan could not resist Beimu so they joined together.

That was really a good idea.

Send help to Xianbei on what basis?

Using such an unkind tone, this was a threat.

Her heart sneered but she remained expressionless. They must have something to rely on with such a direct opening. What were they relying on that made them tear the face so quickly?

“There is a problem.” At the same time, Ouyang Yufei’s voice sounded in her ears.

Leaning on the chair, LiuYue did not get angry but faintly smiled.


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