Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 612

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They didn’t finish speaking and suddenly laughed.

The bowls were handed out and even Ouyang Yufei had one.

“Come, come, I will drink first as a sign of respect,” Xiongkuo Chief gestured at LiuYue and emptied the bowl to show that there was nothing wrong it.

LiuYue smilingly said, “Today, Benwang is sharing the warriors’ spotlight.” Then she lifted the bowl to her lips.

At the same time, Ouyang Yufei’s voice arrived in her ears, “Drinkable.”

It seemed that both of them made the same judgment on the alcohol. Regarding poison, LiuYue was confident in her abilities.

There were three rounds of drinking, followed by dishes in five flavors.

The competition below was getting more intense. The waves of loud cries and applause almost rushed to the sky. Everyone’s ears were buzzing.

After drinking the wine, Xionkuo Chief looked at the spectator LiuYue and suddenly sighed, “Such heroes and such an event, don’t know how long this could last for?”

LiuYue heard and she was enlightened. It was coming. The true objective behind inviting her here was coming.

She turned to look at Xiongkuo Chief and frowned. “Why do you say this?”

Xiongkuo Chief looked at LiuYue and shook his head slowly. “Mohe grassland is poor. These years Xianbei seventeen clans’ population continues to steadily increase. The grassland already cannot support so many people’s survival. The food supplies are steadily deteriorating. Countless people are dying due to the constant fighting over territory. There was also a big freeze last year which killed many people. This…ai…” Xiongkuo Chief deeply sighed.

LiuYue listened with an appearance of sympathy on her face but did not speak.

Seeing this, Xiongkuo Chief looked meaningfully at Heli Chief.

Heli Chief coughed and looked at LiuYue. “Regent is also a straightforward person. We Xianbei seventeen clans are not long-winded either. Since you started, Xiongkuo Chief just say all of it.”

“Xiong, please speak.”


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