Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 611

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LiuYue smiled and looked at the momentarily speechless Xianbei seventeen Chiefs. “Small skills not fit to be seen in public. You’ve all seen a joke.”

This modesty made the quiet Xianbei seventeen Chiefs came to. Their eyes flashed strange expression but their faces showed smiles.

“Haha, Regent is so modest that we are not even worth mentioning,” Xiongkuo Chief was the first to react.

“Yes, Regent’s follower is so skilled in martial arts. We can only imagine how powerful Regent is herself. You have widened our views today, widened our views.”


Xiongkuo Clan Chief started speaking and the other Chiefs followed suit. They were full of smiles praising LiuYue.

It was overly-enthusiastic praise.

“Come, come, come. It’s rarely to get Regent here in Xianbei. Let’s show off Xianbei’s drinking capacity for the guests. In the General Assembly that occurs once every three years, we would open the alcohol used to reward the warriors.”

Two rows of Xianbei girls carried ten bowls of wine from the bottom onto the platform stage. Xiongkuo Chief graciously served LiuYue.

The alcohol’s arrival was preceded by its delicious fragrance.

LiuYue gently sniffed. It had a robust flavor and fragrant smell. Concentrated but not unctuous, fragrant but not out of the ordinary. Without drinking, one knew this was good wine.

Two rows of girls came in front of LiuYue to let her make the wine selection from the many bowls they were holding in their hands.

Distinguished guests came from afar, the guest chose first. This was the grassland rules.

LiuYue smiled and reached for a bowl in the middle. Her fingertips inadvertently touched the alcohol inside the bowl. Nothing unnatural happened. It was just a bowl of good wine.

“Good wine,” LiuYue immediately praised.

“Of course,” Xiongkuo Chief, Heli Chief and the three Great Chiefs replied at the same time.


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