Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 606 A Shadowed Defeat [1]

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Numerous tents lined the edge of the grassland.

Behind the faraway tents, high mountains abruptly rose up one after another from the steep and dark ground. Located between the sky and earth, they were an even colder, more vigorous beauty.

Horses clip-clopped along and quickly arrived.

“Haha, we Xianbei seventeen clans are very happy the Regent came. Very happy.” A fully-bearded, rough-looking man met the horses and loudly laughed.

“He is Xianbei’s Xiongkuo Clan’s Chief,” Ouyang Yufei whispered to LiuYue.

LiuYue did not care about how Ouyang Yufei was so knowledgeable. She immediately smiled atop her horse, “Benwang is very happy to receive the invitation personally from Xianbei seventeen clans.”

“Haha…” The Xianbei clansmen, who came out to receive them, laughed loudly, exceptionally happy.

“Please, Regent, come this way.” The Xiongkuo Chief waved and the people behind him parted a road for LiuYue.

“Please.” LiuYue was not polite and urged her horse to go.

The sunlight was golden and a group of people went forwards.

Gongs and drums clamored and red flags fluttered.

Numerous Xianbei warriors were spread out. Countless Xianbei clansmen congregated here. Men and women, old and young, smiled and chattered, dressed in festive costumes.

Looking ahead, the whole area here was filled with dense amounts of people. There must be tens of thousands of people, all with ultimate excitement on their faces.

Among the dense Xianbei clansmen, seventeen conspicuous and eye-catching huge tents were in the most distinguished Northern position. They formed a circle. These were Xianbei seventeen clans’ Chiefs’ tents.

Just outside the tents was the huge arena. The people were already ready with preparations. They were only waiting for the Xianbei Chiefs.

She dismounted the horse and stepped into the huge General Assembly. She, Xiongkuo Chief and the others went towards the highest platform at the test arena.

Behind, Ouyang Yufei closely followed. Tuobi Mu along with the hundred guards stayed outside the venue.


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