Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 604 Xianbei 17 [11]

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“You cannot refuse,” Xiao Chen quickly mouthed towards LiuYue.

He was afraid LiuYue did not understand his meaning and did not know about Xianbei seventeen clans’ power. With the two fingers in his sleeves, he pointed his fingertips upwards, silently giving her signals.

This lineup of the three Great Chiefs and fourteen Deputy Chiefs together was already the highest standard of inviting her. It was like Beimu Emperor personally going to Xiongnu to invite the Xiongnu Emperor.

If she publically refused this invitation, the consequences might not be bad but absolutely would not be very good. It was equivalent to tearing the Emperor’s face and offending all of the Xianbei seventeen clans’ people.

Xianbei seventeen clans had never united forces before. No one knew how powerful their combined forces would be. But for nothing big, why should they go to experience how powerful their forces would be.

“It’s better to go, I will accompany you. If you really do not want to go, it is no harm to refuse too.” Standing on the platform behind her, Ouyang Yufei spoke the last sentence.

According to Beimu’s power today, if they do not go, naturally it would be no big deal. The worst would be to fight against them in a battle.

But it was certainly better to not fight, than to fight. To kill one thousand enemies with a loss of eight hundred was definitely not the best way to deal with it.

Moreover, they could not judge whether the Xianbei seventeen clans at present were an enemy or a friend. It was hard to tell if they were sincerely inviting them to attend.

LiuYue looked at Xiao Chen constantly winking at her, with her ears filled with Ouyang Yufei’s words. Her eyes glimmered with a touch of coldness.

In the central plains, she encountered a forceful fight. Today she encountered a forceful invitation. Hmph. They really thought she was a soft persimmon to pinch.

“Since it is like this, Benwang has no reason to refuse Xianbei seventeen clans’ kindness.” She had a shallow smile on her noble and graceful face. The cold light in her eyes went unnoticed.

Daring to disrupt her plans to go to the central plains to find Xuanyuan Che; if any little bit of harm or trouble resulted from this, she absolutely would make them suffer the consequences.

The best scenario was sincerely inviting her to promote good feelings. Otherwise, was she, LiuYue, easy to bully? This whole world did not yet have a place that could restrict her.


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