Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 603 Xianbei 17 [10]

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“Seven days later, Xianbei’s General Assembly held once every three years would take place. We three Great Chiefs and fourteen Deputy Chiefs invite Beimu Emperor and Beimu Regent to do us the honor of attending.”

The three Great Chiefs simultaneously looked at LiuYue.

Seven days later, General Assembly. LiuYu’s face did not change. Her eyes were deep.

She was going to take advantage of this time to go to the central plains to find Xuanyuan Che. What a lively mess this General Assembly was.

She had not changed her mind yet, but Ouyang Yufei’s voice was heard in her ears again.

“The General Assembly occurs once every three years in Xianbei. The meeting of the seventeen clans appears on the surface to be a competition for the grassland’s top warrior. But it was a secret confrontation amongst the clans in reality. Generally, outsiders should not be invited.”

LiuYue heard Ouyang Yufei’s words in her ears. Then why were the clans here today to invite them?

Her eyebrows moved slightly but her smile remained unchanged.

She looked at the Great Chiefs who were looking at her. She smiled, “Our Beimu Emperor is young and Empress Dowager Xiao is still recovering, I’m afraid Beimu Emperor…”

“No problem, no problem.” Her words weren’t finished when a Great Chief with a braided pigtail spoke. “We already knew Beimu’s Empress Dowager Xiao is recovering from an attempted assassination. Beimu Emperor could not leave her to show his filial piety. That is understandable. How can we be unyielding?

But we Xianbei seventeen clans have never jointly invited someone. Beimu Regent is a brave eagle rising above our grassland. We Xianbei seventeen clans have long admired greatly.

I will not insist on Beimu Emperor attending. The Regent substituting is the same.”

It was clear now. Inviting Beimu Emperor Yelu Hong was false. The real objective was to invite her. LiuYue understood.

Her eyes glittered and slowly swept over the head Chief of the Xianbei seventeen clans.

Out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw Xiao Chen whispering at her, with an anxious face. LiuYue immediately quietly looked over.


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