Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 602 Xianbei 17 [9]

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It was because the Xianbei seventeen clans were not united and they each operated independently in their own separate territory, that they were not a threat.

But if all seventeen clans unite, then it was a rather horrible force.

Although they had never united, today they all came together.

“The Xianbei seventeen clans pay our respects to Beimu Emperor and Beimu Regent.” Their arms across their chests, the three men faintly nodded. The other fourteen men behind them, half-bowed.

“No need to be so courteous.” LiuYue’s face is filled with a faint smile, majestic and noble.

The voice was still floating in the air, and a faint voice suddenly sounded in her ear. It was the voice of Ouyang Yufei’s secret transmission.

“The leftmost one is the Chief of Xianbei’s Lihe Clan, the middle is the Chief of Xianbei’s Mengcheng Clan, and the right is the Chief of Xianbei’s Sanhe Clan, the three Great Chiefs. The fourteen people behind them are the fourteen Deputy Chiefs of the other clans, all of whom are important figures. ”

Only LiuYue could hear the voice and her smile grew more and more amiable, but her eyes darkened.

What did the Great Chiefs and fourteen Deputy Chiefs come here with such a grand style to do?

“Honorable guests came from afar, Benwang is honored.” Her heart was wary but she was generous and polite on the surface.

The three Great Chiefs and Beimu Emperor’s position was the same position, the rulers of a group of people. Even if their clan was small, they could not be underestimated.

Lihe Clan’s Chief, who heard the words, stepped forward and loudly said, “Beimu defeated Xiongnu Emperor and the Xianbei seventeen clans wanted to congratulate Beimu Emperor. But the time was too short. We didn’t make it in time to give congratulations. We beg Beimu Emperor’s pardon.”

He forthrightly smiled towards Beimu Emperor but looked at LiuYue.

“There’s no harm done, no harm done. Xianbei seventeen clans have such intentions, Beimu appreciates it. Benwang will accept your regards on behalf of Beimu Emperor.”  LiuYue immediately laughed loudly.

Lihe Clan’s Chief saw this and also laughed loudly. He said to LiuYue, “How can it be done like this? Such a rare character appears on the grassland. We Xianbei seventeen clans can’t just pay speak with no action.”


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