Congratulations, Empress Chapter 83 Accidentally Entering the Realm Part 2/2

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No one in this world didn’t have feelings. When she was an assassin in her previous life, she threw this word away, but she still let her sister off. Although she died in her sister’s hands, Hua Jinglan still hoped for shallow affection. She thought more than once what her purpose or motive for living was. She was a tool in her previous life. Then what about this life? The Hua Jinglan in this world suffered a lot, but she had Jiaoyue, Chuyun, Mei Er, and Su Huan by her side. The heavens didn’t treat her badly!

In her previous life, she became stronger to protect herself. In this life, she would become stronger to protect the feelings she held dear!

Once again, Hua Jinglan was completely silent. She modified Qi to her internal force. She imagined the Qi wall around her internal organs. She isolated her body’s weakness from the strong force. Then she slowly gathered her Qi. A ball of it gathered and slowly spread throughout her body.

Qi spread to every pore of her body. She could control every bit of Qi in her body, retracting it or otherwise!

The Qi flowed out of her body unlike the majesty of the Scarlet Snake. But the stream of Qi was never-ending, like a breeze flipping her clothing and hair. Her whole person seemed to be floating in midair.

Surprised by her change, Hua Feisheng didn’t dare to act rashly. According to the force used by Hua Jinglan’s Scarlet Snake, he couldn’t fight with force. But a moment later, Hua Jinglan’s Qi became calm.

He no longer gave her any opportunities. Hua Feisheng shouted and swept up the lake’s water into a column and sent it towards Hua Jinglan. He also followed, leaving her no chance to fight back!

At the moment when the water column flew, Hua Jinglan opened her eyes. A golden light three meter high flew into the air behind her. Amidst Hua Feisheng and everyone’s exclamations, a Golden Phoenix cried in the Qi wall. A strong wind shattered the water column, causing Hua Feishing to retreat a stake back.


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