Congratulations, Empress Chapter 82 Between Victory and Defeat Part 1/2

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Hua Jinglan retreated back three plum blossom stake. She finally stood firm. Her eyes glared and the Scarlet Snake rushed towards Hua Feisheng.

Phoenix and snake were fighting in the air. The python opened its red mouth and tried to wrap the phoenix in its body. It repeatedly gave chase. But the nimble phoenix cleverly flew below the python’s mouth. Its beak pecked at the snake and their Qi collided. Both sides quivered!

Hua Jinglan’s abdomen started hurting. Her face changed. Although she practiced the Xuanxin Inner Force Manual, but since she was seriously injured before, she should not force herself as the Qi could rebound on herself!

But! Hua Feisheng was right in front of her. She could never admit defeat!

“There seems to be a problem.” Fei Ao didn’t care about his own injuries. All of his attention was focused on Hua Jinglan.

Although the two strong internal forces stirred up the lake’s water, one could see that Hua Jinglan’s smooth actions were interrupted.

“It seems like she can only do so much.” Rong Pei’s heart was relieved and cheered.

Cui XiuLin’s face was so black it could drip water. The Hua family’s internal dispute was too obvious in front of the four envoys from Xiangzhi Mountain and the Jianghu people.

Due to abdominal pain, Hua Jinglan’s actions lagged a bit. In this time, Hua Feisheng sent a palm strike onto her right shoulder. The huge momentum forced her to retreat five meters away. The snake’s beast form flickered. She hastened to concentrate to not have the beast form dissipate!

She wiped away the blood that trickled out of the corner of her mouth. Hua Jinglan’s face sunk. She gritted her teeth and bore the pain in her abdomen. She continued to generate her internal force!


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