Congratulations, Empress Chapter 81 Battling the Kirin Part 2/2

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Hua Jinglan lightly smiled. “I don’t dislike you.”

Before Fei Ao could understand her meaning, a force pushed him into the air. He was slightly stunned. He looked at Hua Jinglan’s flowing white clothes and was confused.

He touched the ground and Fei Shi came over. She anxiously asked, “Ao’er [suffix used to denote intimacy], are you injured?”

Fei Ao’s eyes were on the white figure in the middle of the lake. He absentmindedly shook his head.

A Scarlet Snake defeated a Kirin. This was something seldom seen in Jianghu. The Rong Pei who originally wanted to teach Hua Jinglan a lesson at the Martial Arts Conference could only watch. Although she was a Phoenix master, if a Kirin master was defeated, so could she.

At this time, as per Hua Jinglan’s wishes, Hua Feisheng stood out.

Hua Feisheng didn’t say anything and directly entered the realm. The call of a bird sounded. A Golden Phoenix three meters high and six meters wide emerged behind him. It was dazzling and powerful. One was unable to look straight at it!

Hua Jinglan narrowed her eyes. So Hua Feisheng broke through in these last few days.

Golden color shone brilliantly, creating the illusion that his whole body was shining bright. The Hua Feisheng standing in the middle was cold and arrogant. “Hua Jinglan, it’s not too late now to admit defeat.”

Hua Jinglan coldly snorted, “What a joke!”

Hua Feisheng’s face turned gloomy. He flew forwards, as if the lake was surging forwards. It seemed as if a vivid Phoenix passed through the water. The place where it passed through broke open in a straight line, like a claw scratching it.


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