Congratulations, Empress Chapter 81 Battling the Kirin Part 1/2

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Fei Ao had never seen such a stubborn woman. She not only broke Hua Wanyu’s four limbs and hurt Hua QueQi, but she also wanted to force out everyone from the Hua family!

Even if her internal strength was powerful, the fact she couldn’t break through to another rank showed her weakness. Even if she could win against Hua Feisheng, she definitely wouldn’t win against Hua BaiXiang. So why bother?!

Hua BaiXiang locking her up in the secret chamber was to prevent her from participating in the Martial Arts Conference. She not only came, but she wanted to dispel his wishful thinking!

With a surge of Qi, Hua Jinglan struck more ruthlessly. Fei Ao used a long sword so she could use a relatively long dagger to counter. For some time, she did not seem weaker.

Fei Ao had always been afraid of Hua Jinglan’s fighting style. Now that she supplemented it with her internal strength, even if he was one rank higher than her, he was still in difficulties.

The Scarlet Snake slithered and swam in the water according to Hua Jinglan’s actions. It seemed as if Fei Ao’s Kirin became its prey. One glared and one retreated. The water splashed as if a hurricane was passing through. It didn’t revert to its original state anymore!

Fei Ao’s leg kicked. His concentration wavered slightly. He secretly thought, ‘This is bad.’ He bent over backwards to dodge Hua Jinglan’s fatal strike. His long sword covered his back. He straightened only when she missed the opportunity to strike behind him. Then he was shocked. The person who should have been behind him was standing in front of him!

The cold blade was against his neck. A light movement could take his life!

Fei Ao didn’t move. Hua Jinglan stood on the same stake as him. Both were standing on tiptoes. Such a situation forced them to be in close proximity.

“Does this seem familiar?” Hua Jinglan jokingly asked.

Fei Ao’s face turned white. He directly said, “Just kill me!” If his belt was sliced again, he was really as good as dead.


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