Congratulations, Empress Chapter 80 I Won’t Show Mercy Part 2/2

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Hua Jinglan lifted her eyes. Behind Fei Ao, an ice-blue kirin beast form extended its four claws. It had spotty, scaly legs, a huge body, and a fierce head. The beast roared. Its shape was formed. Its bristles swayed. It was several meters high!

“It’s better for the arm to be pinched than the thigh,” Fei Ao was said heavily. “You won’t win against Hua BaiXiang!”

Hua Jinglan felt it was funny. “It seems like not only Hua QueQi wants to be a middleman!”

Fei Ao was angry. “You don’t know what’s good for you. I’m helping you here!”

Hua Jinglan couldn’t remember much. But she remembered the sounds of Hua Jinglan crying every night and Jiaoyue and Chuyun covered with scars. Based on these, even if she killed Hua Wanyu, it wouldn’t be overboard!

Her eyes turned cold and she emitted a murderous aura. She flipped and retrieved the dagger embedded in the stake. She then flew at him.

Looking at the two fighting on the stakes, Yue Zhuang nervously asked, “Who is stronger between them?”

“It’s hard to tell.” Yue Liang had one hand on his chin as he contemplated. “Although Fei Ao’s rank is higher than Hua Jinglan’s, but her internal force is really strong. It’s hard to say until the end.”

Yue Fuyao took Yue Zhuang’s hand. She lightly smiled, “Who are you so nervous for?”

Yue Zhuang bashfully lowered her head. She said lowly, “Fei Ao is yiniang’s [father’s concubine] younger brother. There’s nothing wrong with me worrying about him…”

“Girls grow up.” He Changan handed tea to Yue Fuyao.

Not far away, Rong Pei saw their harmonious atmosphere. He coldly snorted and turned to look at the battle.


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