Congratulations, Empress Chapter 80 I Won’t Show Mercy Part 1/2

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Hua Jinglan was expressionless. “Those who deceive me, I hit; those who insult me, I kill; those who lie to me; I will tear into thousands of pieces!”

Hua QueQi was startled, but also felt a deep sense of guilt. It was true that the Hua family mistreated her a lot but, “No matter what, Wanyu is your meimei [younger sister]. Doing that to her, you’re too much!”

“Meimei?” Hua Jinglan playfully repeated the word. It really was fate. Her meimei threw her into the water in her previous life. And the meimei in this life couldn’t wait to quickly kill her!

“Hua Jinglan, stop now. You awed everyone today. Grandmother will be impressed with you. From now on, no one in the Hua family will give you a hard time…”

“Hua family?” Hua Jinglan coldly smiled. “I have never put the Hua family in my eyes!”

“Hua Jinglan!” Hua QueQi increased his tone of voice. “If brother comes out, you won’t be doing so well today!”

“Perfect! Hua family: one member comes come, I will kill one. Two comes out, I will kill two!” Hua Jinglan no longer spoke nonsense. She directly flew towards Hua QueQi.

Although Hua QueQi’s rank was also Scarlet Snake, but compared to Hua Jinglan, he was far inferior. The three meter tall python’s momentum was simply overwhelming. Before exchanging ten moves, Hua QueQi was on the losing end.

He could no longer hold back. Hua FeiSheng stood up, but Fei Ao went out first.

Fei Ao grabbed Hua QueQi out of Hua Jinglan’s arms. Fei Ao sent a palm strike towards her. Internal forces collided. At the same time, the two retreated back two stakes.


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