Congratulations, Empress Chapter 79 Startling the Heavens, Part 2/2

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She didn’t give her another chance to speak. She swept her right hand high up in the air. The sound of bones breaking was accompanied by Hua Wanyu’s screaming.


Hua Wanyu was in so much pain she almost fell into the water. Hua Jinglan reached out and stabilized her body. She smiled darkly, “It’s not over yet. Don’t worry!”

Hua Wanyu looked at her in horror and repeatedly shook her head.

But her pitifulness could not withstand Hua Jinglan’s gushing anger. Hua Jinglan raised her hand again. Another hand was crippled!


Everyone was fearful. Hua QueQi hurriedly stood up and shouted, “Hua Jinglan, stop!”

Hua Jinglan’s eyes held a cold flame. She looked straight at the Hua family as she kicked Hua Wanyu’s right leg.

Hua Wanyu’s forehead broke out in a cold sweat. She couldn’t stand any longer. She shrilly screamed and fell backwards. Hua Jinglan went behind her and grabbed onto her collar.

Hua Wanyu sobbed and stammered, “Don’t… don’t…don’t…”

As everyone’s eyes turned from shock to disturbed, Hua Jinglan mercilessly crippled Hua Wanyu’s other leg!

Hua QueQi and Hua FeiSheng flew out after each other. Hua Jinglan threw the unconscious Hua Wanyu away. Hua QueQi caught her and handed her to Hua FeiSheng. Hua FeiSheng’s actions were swift. He carried Hua Wanyu back.

Hua QueQi’s eyes opposite Hua Jinglan were furious and pained. “You’re too ruthless!”


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