Congratulations, Empress Chapter 79 Startling the Heavens, Part 1/2

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Hua Jinglan had not yet grabbed a blade, when the cold whip was flashing before her eyes. She stood there motionless. Everyone couldn’t help but hold their breaths. No matter what, she was going to get struck by the whip, right?!

The Fei Ao who was watching from far away suddenly stood up. Only when Fei Xianyun pulled him did Fei Ao realize he lost his composure. Yue Zhuang and Yue Fuyao couldn’t help but worry. And Hua Feisheng and Hua QueQi were worried for Hua Wanyu. If Hua Jinglan was Chi She [Scarlet Snake] rank, then the one who would be beaten was Hua Wanyu.

Sure enough, a moment later, a strong wind rose up behind Hua Jinglan. A scarlet python-like snake rose from the water. It rose meters out of the water into the sky. It was almost ten meters high! The snake’s body was huge and scaly. It was moving in the Qi wall, like clouds and mist! The snake’s head was proud, its mouth was large, and its fangs were dangerous. It hissed from its abdomen and almost broke everyone’s eardrums. “Hiss……”

Everyone was scared. They gaped at the hissing red snake rushed towards its opponent to demonstrate its power!

Hua Wanyu was already scared silly. She already used the whip in her hands. Not to mention the other three families, but even Cui XiuLin and Hua BaiXiang were surprised. Who would have thought that someone who had never entered the realm would be of Heaven Rank’s Chi She. And her Qi wall was ten meters high!

The Qi wall blew Hua Jinglan’s hair endlessly. Her lips hooked up and she flew towards Hua Wanyu.

Hua Wanyu had been suppressed until she couldn’t move. She was unable to hide the fear deep inside her heart. Her lips trembled as she said, “I… I give up…”

“The voice is too soft. I can’t hear,” Hua Jinglan said.


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