Congratulations, Empress Chapter 78 Jinglan Appears, Part 1/2

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The whip flew. Sometimes it was dark red and sometimes it was light red. The foxes were competing in mid-air, biting each other. Wind rustled. Both sides exerted maximum strength. Neither side wanted to lose!

“So the Hua family is only at this level,” Feng Chen laughed as she skillfully moved.

Hua Wanyu gritted her teeth. “I must beat you until you wholeheartedly accept your loss today!”

Feng Chen turned solemn. Her Qi sped up. The Nine-Tailed Fox grew larger. The air flowed with the fox’s whining.

Everyone stared in amazement. The Nine-Tailed Fox was doubled the size of Hua Wanyu’s!

Hua Wanyu’s hand that was holding her whip clenched. Sweat seeped from her forehead, but she refused to take a step back. After fighting two more rounds, she could only watch the roaring red whip mixed with Qi fly towards her!

At this time, a white shadow floated into the fiery red match. No one knew where she came from, but the long hair and flowing clothes were like a wild goose, landing on the plum blossom stake!

A knife flashed. The whip that was originally aiming for Hua Wanyu was cut down the middle. It fell into the water and made a splash.

“Hua Jinglan!” Hua Wanyu’s eyes rounded.

The face of the sitting Hua BaiSheng turned gloomy. A storm had come.


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