Congratulations, Empress Chapter 77 Shuang Hua Ranks Facing Each Other, Part 1/2

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“Good!” A burst of applause sounded from Qianmei Lake. A man in green stood on the plum blossom stake. He raised his hands, “You let me win!”

The opposite gray-clad man scattered the beast form behind him. He also raised his hands and flew out of the lake.

“Yang Dian, Earth Rank: Qing Niao [Blue Bird]!” The envoy Xiao Zhi announced.

“Who will challenge me?” Yang Dian waved his hand at the crowd.

A middle-aged man in brown flew out. He steadily landed on the plum blossom stake. “Xu Fu from Beilincheng challenges you!”

Although martial artists were measured by ranks, strength varied in the same ranks.

The two on the stakes splashed the water three meters high. They exchanged moves and their beast forms were formed!

Behind Yang Dian, a three meter-high giant bird spread its wings. Its beak and claws were distinct and it cried out. Yang Dian turned and jumped. As he fell down, he was like a flying eagle catching food. He was very fast and pressured Xu Fu!

Xu Fu’s face was red but he did not back away. He raised his hands to the right and their palms met. When the two men’s palm strikes collided, a gush of Qi rushed forwards. The wind pushed the water away and a white horse appeared!

The giant bird crowed and the white horse stamped its hoof. One blue and one white stream of Qi collided in the air. Within twenty moves, the two collapsed onto the plum blossom stakes. Yang Dian’s beast form scattered behind him. He covered his chest and trembled. He raised his hands to Xu Fu. “I concede defeat!”

“You let me win!” Xu Fu said.

Yang Dian left. A woman in pink landed on a plum blossom stake. Her hand was holding a long, red whip. It cut through the Qi flow and rushed directly at Xu Fu. The whip was flexible, like a red snake dancing in the air.


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