Congratulations, Empress Chapter 77 Part Shuang Hua Ranks Facing Each Other, Part 2/2

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Xu Fu backed away and pulled a broadsword out.

The pink-clad woman’s actions were swift. With the tips of her toes on the plum blossom stake, it was like a silk scarf dance. This seemingly gentle action combined both hardness and softness. It was like every move had eyes and chased after Xu Fu.

Xu Fu dodged the whip and jumped behind the woman. He fiercely shouted and raised the broadsword. The woman didn’t turn around. The Qi wall behind her suddenly took shape. A fiery red fox flicked away Xu Fu’s broadsword!

It was the highest level in the Earth rank: Shuang Hua!

Xu Fu went away in defeat. The woman put her whip away. She held her hands up. “I am Feng Chen!”

“Feng Chen, Earth rank: Shuang Hua [Nine-Tailed Fox].” Wu Miao stood up to say.

“I’ll challenge you!” A voice came from the crowd. Hua Wanyu jumped onto the plum blossom stake. The whip in her hands went out and a Qi wall formed behind her. A Nine-Tailed Fox about the same size as Feng Chen’s appeared behind her.

Two women in pink were both using whips with a pair of Nine-Tailed Foxes. How amazing!

Feng Chen held her whip and smiled. “You are a daughter of the Hua family?”

Hua Wanyu’s chin lifted. “So what if I am?”

Feng Chen gently shook her head. “I thought it was the other one…”

Hua Wanyu’s eyes narrowed. The person she didn’t want to see or hear about the most was Hua Jinglan!

“I’m afraid I have to disappoint you then!” Hua Wanyu struck her whip towards Feng Chen.

Feng Chen dodged. Her eyes turned cold. “I’ll just practice using my whip on you!”


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