Congratulations, Empress Chapter 76 The Martial Arts Conference, Part 1/2

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On the day of the Martial Arts Conference, Xiangzhi Mountain’s Grandmaster Ren Nanfeng’s four disciples Xiao Zhi, Wu Miao, Mu Shan, and Ye Hui arrived at Qianmei Lake. They, along with the Hua, Rong, Yue, and Fei family patriarchs, sat down and hosted this event.

The Hua family had: Hua Lao Furen [old lady or madam] Cui XiuLin, patriarch Hua BaiSheng, eldest son Hua Feisheng, third son Hua QueQi, and fourth daughter Hua Wanyu.

The Rong family had: patriarch Rong Hengyuan, eldest daughter Rong Pei, second son Rong Qing, and third son Rong Du.

The Yue family had: patriarch Yue Wei, furen [lady, madam] Fei Shi, eldest daughter Yue Fuyao, second son Yue Liang, and third daughter Yue Zhuang.

The Fei family had: Lao Furen Fei Yinong, second son Fei Chunhe, third son Fei Xianyun, and fourth son Fei Ao.

The Yue family and the Fei family were in-laws. The Fei family’s eldest daughter Fei Shi was Yue family’s furen.

The once-a-year Martial Arts Conference hosted by the four families ranked the newcomers and the four families. Those who did not know martial arts were not in the ranking. The leader was determined according to the overall ranking of the four families.

Because the Hua family was in Yecheng, the Martial Arts Conference had been held in the capital for three years.

The location was Qianmei Lake. Qianmei Lake was about 150 meters wide. The lake was famous for the plum blossom stakes in the middle. Those who were competing on top of the stakes were tested.

The contest was very simple. One person was “it.” Others took turns challenging him. The winner was left to accept the next challengers, until they were all defeated and one person was left standing.


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