Congratulations, Empress Chapter 75 Three Days in the Secret Chamber, Part 1/2

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Inevitably Hua Jinglan tumbled again down a dark secret passage. She didn’t understand why ancient people loved digging so much. The middle of Cui XiuLin’s place was a pitfall. The Buddhist Hall was a pitfall.

When the blaze came up, she found that she returned to the place she was last time. She sat on a chair and sighed. She could not force her way out from the inside and her current internal strength wasn’t powerful enough to burst though the stone wall.

As the saying went, it didn’t matter if you fell down as long as you got back up. But she fell in the same place twice. That was a bit stupid. The stupider thing was that she let down her guard against Hua BaiXiang. She thought the man in black that night was sent by the Rong family for revenge. She did not expect him to be Hua BaiXiang first testing out her martial arts and then pushing her into the trap; all to prevent her from participating in the Martial Arts Conference.

She stared at the stone wall opposite her until her eyes turned sour. Hua Jinglan rubbed her forehead. She looked at the two sets of skeletal remains on the ground and her heart turned cold. She touched the jade pendant in her bosom, blew the dust off the desk, and read the scriptures in front of her page-by-page.

A person would die without food or water for three days. Hua Jinglan didn’t understand why this woman called Mei Shuang would bother to copy the scriptures?

Because she was rushed, some of the words were blurred. Something suddenly flashed across Hua Jinglan’s mind. She was stunned. The fragment of memory seemed to coincide with what’s happening now.

“Pick one, jump over two, pick two, after one, it would not be wrong…” She inexplicably murmured a sentence buried in the depths of her memory. She didn’t understand. It was not a limerick and not a nursery rhyme…


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