Congratulations, Empress Chapter 75 Three Days in the Secret Chamber, Part 2/2

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She looked at the yellowing paper. Her mind suddenly light up. She flipped to the middle of the book. She found that starting from the middle page, every other page was indecipherable nonsense. According to the method of picking one and jumping over two words, she strung the words together:

“Xuanxin Inner Force Manual…”

She pulled out all the papers. Using the method, she went over the papers from beginning to end. It turned out to be an inner force manual!

Cui XiuLin left Hua fu to meet the four envoys from Xiangzhi Mountain. Hua QueQi could not find the mechanism to open the trapdoor. A day already passed. He made up a reason to fend off Jiaoyue and Chuyun and spent all day in the Buddhist Hall.

“Brother, why does father and grandmother hate her so much?”

Hua Feisheng burned a stick of incense. He said, “I heard mother said it has something to do with her mother.”

Hua QueQi turned his head to look at him. “I’m the one who brought her here. She must think father and I colluded together to deceive her!”

Hua Feisheng patted his shoulder. “Father is doing this for Wanyu. After the Martial Arts Conference is over, he’ll let her out.”


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