Congratulations, Empress Chapter 74 Pushed Into a Trap, Part 2/2

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Hua Jinglan thought for a moment. Then she got up and went out her courtyard with him.

They went to Cui XiuLin’s courtyard. Hua Jinglan found that there wasn’t even a servant around. Hua QueQi also thought it was strange. He pushed opened the door of the Buddhist Hall and saw Hua BaiXiang standing there alone. He couldn’t help but ask, “Father, where’s big brother and Wanyu?”

Hua BaiXiang’s eyes landed on the Hua Jinglan behind Hua QueQi. He coldly said, “Jinglan, come over here.”

Hua Jinglan immediately knitted her eyebrows. She waved her right hand. A dagger was already in her hand. She stepped forwards and swung the dagger towards Hua BaiXiang’s left shoulder!

Hua QueQi was startled. He was about to move, but found that a green phoenix emerged from behind Hua BaiXiang. He had already entered the realm!

Without figuring out what was going on, Hua BaiXiang had already stopped Hua Jinglan’s hand. He grabbed her wrists and struck her waist, sending her flying into the wall!

This move again! Hua Jinglan thought, “Not good!”

She flipped on the wall. In the blink of an eye, the person had already disappeared behind the wall!

“Father, what is this? Why did you do this?!” Hua QueQi ran to the wall but could not open the mechanism.

Hua BaiXiang scattered his beast form. With his hands behind his back, he said, “Hua Jinglan cannot participate in the Martial Arts Conference.”

Hua QueQi frowned. “Is it because she injured big brother? Hua Jinglan is part of the Hua family. So what even if she wins over big brother? Why does father have to treat her like this?”

Hua BaiXiang coldly snorted. “Concentrate on the Martial Arts Conference. You don’t need to know anything else!”

He couldn’t find any mechanism on the wall. Hua QueQi looked at the Hua BaiXiang who was walking away, with eyes full of frustration.


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