Congratulations, Empress Chapter 74 Pushed Into a Trap, Part 1/2

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When Hua Jinglan spoke the names of the two herbs to Di WuDao, he frowned. He said they may take some time to find. He lectured her a bit and then left.

After eating breakfast, Hua Jinglan had Jiaoyue and Chuyun go outside. She meditated alone in the room. That time she exchanged palm strikes with Hua Feisheng resulted in internal injuries, but it wasn’t completely useless. The second time she entered the realm was easier. What she had to do now was to control her beast form.

Her eyes closed. The surrounding sounds were amplified. She could hear voices, birds chirping, the wind, and even leaves falling clearly! This was something that technology and reliance on 21st century judgment could not do!

Therefore, she opened her eyes the moment Hua QueQi entered her courtyard.

“Xiaojie, Second Gongzi [son of nobility] is here.” Jiaoyue opened the door to say.

“Ask him to come in.” Hua Jinglan sat down at a table and poured herself a cup of tea.

Hua QueQi entered and saw the indifferent Hua Jinglan sitting down. A complex emotion was in his eyes. Putting aside the matter of Hua Wanyu, he really admired Hua Jinglan. Different from Hua Feisheng’s old-fashioned conventional ways, everything around her seemed to be brand new. He had never heard nor seen any of it before. On boring days, it was the happiest thing to hear of her news. But such a person was destined to be on different paths from the Hua family.

Suppressing the thoughts in his heart, he smiled. “Sister, the Martial Arts Conference is in three days. Father wants us to go to the Buddhist Hall. He has something to say to us.”

Hua Jinglan looked at him. “What is it?”

Hua QueQi’s eyebrows jumped. “I’m not sure.”


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