Congratulations, Empress Chapter 73 Wang Fu is on Fire, Part 2/2

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Looking back at the plum blossoms, Hua Jinglan thought this was probably the legendary array.

“Do you think she can come out?” ZhuiFeng stood outside the array and asked ZhuYu.

“It’s better if she can’t!” Having such a woman as their female master, they were better off dead!

Chunyu Yan was still in the study. ZhuiFeng and ZhuYu were ready to let Hua Jinglan fend for herself.

Hua Jinglan casually broke off a few branches and laid them on the ground. She poured the Hongyan wine all over. Then she started a fire with the list Chunyu Yan gave her.

When the fire started, Hua Jinglan was not idle. The plum blossom trees were hit with one palm strike each. They broke into pieces and were added to the fire.

ZhuiFeng and ZhuYu were stunned. This woman… broke the array like this?

Chunyu Yan couldn’t help but laugh hearing the commotion from outside. There were many people who exceeded his expectations, but he had not seen someone who didn’t play with common sense.

There weren’t many plum blossom trees originally. After Hua Jinglan played with them, there was none left.

Chunyu Yan closed the array. With a smile on the corner of his mouth, he looked askance at her. “Couldn’t you think of a smarter way?”

“Isn’t the result the same?” Hua Jinglan stood in front of the blazing fire with a smile. Suddenly, with a cold expression, she kicked the burning branches everywhere.

ZhuiFeng and ZhuYu ran around trying to pick up the branches, but some places caught on fire. They didn’t know who shouted “Fire.” But shouting and screaming servants came running out. Hua Jinglan flipped over the courtyard wall in the chaos and disappeared.


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